Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Minimum Wage

The raising of the minimum wage will do nothing to help anyone. It is another “feel good” move pushed by socialists to maintain control over lower income voters.
The issue is not how much someone is paid. The issue is how much money is taken out of their check by state and federal taxes. Taxes, that it appears especially in CT that we taxpayers have little to no say in how they are spent. Our elected public servants from the Governor on down have forgotten they are our representatives not our rulers. These public servants speak in terms of millions and billions of dollars which are abstract numbers to most people. It is about time they start speaking in numbers we can see, understand and feel in our bank accounts. We should know how much the busway to nowhere takes out of our weekly pay checks? How about exorbitant pensions, drivers licenses for illegals. Let's not forget using tax dollars for electric cars. Do these things take for example $50 a week out of a $400 paycheck? If that is so by removing them from the budget the person making $400 per week would have an extra $200 or more a month in their pocket to spend. That's where the money should be in the wage earners bank account. The raising of the minimum wage will do nothing except raise the amount of taxes you pay. Then businesses will be required them to raise their prices to cover their costs. You will not be able to buy more. You will just have been hoodwinked by the socialists. What needs to happen is the reigning in of government spending which will lower taxes and keep more money in the wage earners bank account.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Atomic Bomb

I met a man today, he saw my USAF Veterans hat and thanked me for my service and informed me he was in when it was the Army Air Corp back in 1944. I thanked him for his service and he started to talk about some islands he visited in the Pacific back then. I asked how the beaches were, he said the beaches were beautiful if and when you could see them. He allowed he was 90 years old and very luck he made it this far. One reason he said he said he was still alive was because there was one beach he didn't have to walk on, because had he walked it then he and I wouldn't have been having this conversation. I've spoken to many WWII vets over my lifetime and while I'm sure some of them could have been waiting to walk on the same beach they never had to either and never mentioned it. What beach in the Pacific was this beach you're wondering, wonder no more, the beach was the island of Japan. Yes, this man was one of the 250,000 men scheduled to die in the invasion of Japan. He allowed that they were told upwards of one million casualties could be expected should the invasion take place. He said they were all overjoyed when they heard the Atomic bomb was dropped and they would live. While he felt bad for the casualties he was happy he was alive. He said if if it wasn't for those 2 bombs, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would never have been born and enjoyed life. That also included the offspring of the quarter million men who would have died storming that last beach and those of the three quarters of a million casualties who again would have left no descendants to keep America Free. We only talked for about 10 minutes and when he walked out as spry as he was at 90 I could still see that Army Air Corp man of 18 standing tall and proud. I never learned his name but will treasure these few moments for the rest of my life, as he left and when I think of him from now on I will offer a prayer for him and the others who lived and those who died to Defend the Constitution and the United States of America during WWII and all the wars before and after.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Protect the Biker Lifestyle

Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider “They'll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em”

To my fellow bikers, it doesn't matter what you ride from touring HD's to Goldwings, BMW, sport bikes, trikes. Whether you ride with a club, or solo, or just with friends, short rides on weekends to long range touring, if you are in wind your lifestyle and mine is in jeopardy.

As Jack's character says we represent “Freedom” and those that want to rule this country don't like that.

Unless you are living under a rock you are aware of what is going on in politics now and probably don't see how it affects your riding your bike, I'm here to tell you it does.

The ruling elite have already taken over the media, no more Woodward & Bernstein to expose a corrupt President, no truth in what they say anymore they are just a propaganda arm of the government.

They are after the gun owners now because once America is disarmed they can do what they want to do with no consequences.

How does this affect my riding my motorcycle you wonder, it's simple the ruling elite don't want you on one because you can go where you want when you want. This is why they are pushing electric cars and smart cars because you can only travel short distances in the electric cars and they control and know exactly where you go in the smart cars. They want you on a bus or train under their schedule and control. Also they are pushing the EU socialism and over there they tell you in some case what color clothing you have to wear, and if it has to be reflective. You are not allowed to work in your own bike in most countries and they control what accessories you can have added at the “approved” shops. Watching these Freedom hating socialist/communists all my life I see them pushing for a total ban under the guise of safety. Will the ban happen in my lifetime? Maybe not I'm an old bastard, but it will happen unless we stand up now and fight it. If it happens your own riding lifestyle will be cut short and your children and grandchildren will never experience the Freedom of the wind in their hair and the their knees in the breeze and you will only have you to look in the mirror to see who stole this Freedom from them if you didn't vote.

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, there are too many local and state races out there along with the Presidential and many other federal races you have to look into it. See what they say about guns, refugees, get in touch with your states Motorcycle Rights Org. (In CT it is the C.M.R.A.) then VOTE! If you never voted get out there and register and get to the polls on election day! Get you family, your club brother and sisters, your riding friends to do the same! The future of America and our Freedom Loving Biker Lifestyle is on the line this election!
Please feel free to share!

Jim BONZ Neilson

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mileage tax???

Let me get this straight! Vehicle owners pay sales tax when they purchase the vehicle, then a yearly property tax, add to that registration every two years with a fee for the clean air fund, and an emissions test (fee) you would have thought those two would be the same. Also state and federal taxes on every gallon of gas they buy. Now due to the incompetence of the state elected public servants who should have been using the monies generated by the fees and taxes just listed on road maintenance, but instead it was spent on , illegals, insane pensions for civil servants, and who knows what ever else they could come up with in the way of grants or paying back those who supported them, put into the General Fund everything but what it was supposed to be used for. Now because of their incompetence they want to charge us by the mile? We already pay that in the gas tax!. Also since not everyone can afford any additional taxes and fees isn't charging us to travel restricting our freedom? I thought that is what America is about Freedom to travel, to earn and keep your money things along those lines. No one in private sector would keep their job if they were this incompetent. This present group of elected public servants need to be removed from office for gross financial incompetence and sued individually by the taxpayers of this state. Also I would question the Constitutionality of requiring the tracking of vehicles. Could this be used against people? Could these coordinates be called into divorce proceedings, disability hearings, actually violate the 5th Amendment against self incrimination by putting a vehicle in certain locations? And let's us not forget the biggest issue driving more people to leave the state.

Monday, May 9, 2016

No More Republican

I have resigned from the Cheshire RTC and will be changing my party affiliation to unaffiliated. Here is the letter.
May 9, 2016
Guy Darter,
I resign my membership in the Cheshire Republican Town Committee and the Prison Advisory board effective immediately. I will also be changing my voter registration to unaffiliated.
This is no reflection on the RTC but rather I am totally disgusted with the Republican party at the National level.
They were given control of the House and the Senate to stop Obama's destruction of the Constitution, they did nothing.
Donald Trump is overwhelmingly the choice of the Republican voters to run for President and the Republican hierarchy refuses to endorse the people choice. They act as if they are our masters rather than our servants. I'm speaking of the Bushes, Ryan, Romney and the newest insult Barbara Comstock stating Trump hasn't earned their support. What does that mean that he has not bribed them as the corporations do?
I have not seen the the Connecticut Party come out in support of Trump even though he won the state.
I'm not saying I will not vote for republican candidates but I will pay close attention to all the options especially 3rd party candidates.
I will also put this on social media so there is no question why I resigned.
Jim Neilson

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hot Air

It is no wonder the USA is no longer the leader in manufacturing, all we seem to produce now is Hot Air.
I was in a friends car the other day and he had Sirius radio, he was changing the channel and I could not believe the number of talking heads telling people how to think, how to vote and my favorite telling them what someone actually meant when they said something.
Has America been dumbed down that much that we need to have someone tell us what someone means when they say “Have a nice day”? Or are we that lazy we can't think for ourselves?
In the past we had tech schools, people were proud to work with their hands and actually make something, now being able to push app buttons on phones and getting a college degree that barely qualifies you as a Walmart greeter is the big thing.
It is amazing the money wasted on talking heads. They produce nothing. If America is to become great again we need to bring back hands on manufacturing jobs. We need people who can actually work. Pretty soon and I think it is already happening people who can repair things are making more money than the “educated” paper pushing college graduates. College at this point is nothing more then a corporate business designed to put people in debt for life. English Lit or Woman's studies have very few if any jobs outside of academia, and it doesn't help you when your sink is leaking or you need a light bulb changed. All that happens with most degrees is $50,000 in debt working a $25,000 dollar a year job and never getting ahead.
Young people need to take a good hard look at what is going to be their future. We need to stop putting down those who enjoy working with their hands and making and creating things and encourage them. They are the future of America and civilization those people who actually do things and produce.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Look at America today

It is time for Americans to ignore the media, ignore the celebrities, ignore the incumbents, ignore what family and friends say and take a good hard look at where America is today through their own eyes.
Is this the America they grew up in, is this the America they want to grow old in, is this the America they want their families to grow up in? If it is that's fine. If it isn't well now you have to figure out who caused it and what you can do about it.
Who caused it? To me that's pretty simple, the elected public servants that we put into office to protect America and the Rights, Freedoms and Jobs of Americans and have not done that. They have put the interests of foreign countries, foreign workers, international corporations and their own pockets and power above that of the American Citizens they were elected to serve and protect. Whose fault is it? It is ours, the citizens of America, by not voting, by just voting the party line, by thinking media and celebrities are smarter than us and know what is best for us and not using our own brains and voting for who they tells us to.
Incumbents need to be voted out of office this election. It doesn't matter what party they are a member of, it doesn't matter if it is city, state or federal all the elected public servants now in office are the reason America is in the trouble it is in. They will tell you they are the only ones that know how to get us out of this problem. They are the ones who got us in this trouble so if they know how to get us out why haven't they? We need to vote out everyone, we need to vote in those whose principles put the American Citizens and America First!