Monday, March 2, 2015

No tolls in CT

The elected public servants are again talking about tolls and one article on WTNH they say CT is approved for a federal pilot program on an electronic toll system. I say No!
It is expensive to drive a vehicle, you have to pay for a license, registration, insurance is required by the state and taxed. You pay tax when you purchase the vehicle and a yearly tax on top of that not to mention one of the highest gas taxes in the country and a federal gas tax and on top of that sales tax. Don't forget emissions testing and all the repairs and parts we are taxed on. If they took all that money generated by those taxes and fees and used it strictly for the roads the roads could be heated in the winter no salt or sand needed, but no the elected public servants dump all that money into the general fund and say they have no money for road care. Yet they have money for a busway to nowhere. Well how about this idea, lets stop subsidizing mass transportation. Why should vehicle owners not only have to pay all those outrageous taxes and fees and then have higher income taxes and sales tax to subsidize mass transit? The people using it should pay for it 100%.

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