Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Tax increase

Local and state elected public servants are gathering in various caucuses and groups to discuss how high taxes should be raised and how to get the increase past the taxpayers. My question is WHY should they be raised? Many private sector employees didn't get raises last year or small ones if that even if they received a decent raise, why should the government reduce the standard of living for taxpayers? Taxpayers have had to cut their spending just to survive, why should the government not have to do the same. Let's look at this idea to cut spending, if the expenditure does not benefit or is not used by 25% of the taxpayers in the town, city or state where it is being spent the other 75% should not be taxed to pay for it. Grants should also be done away with. There is no such thing as a Government Grant, the government does not make money it takes it from taxpayers therefore these are Taxpayer Grants. I would like to know how many billions of taxpayer dollars are given away in CT annually and then figure out how much more money we taxpayers would keep in our pockets without grants. What are they used for really? To influence voters. Also all negotiations for all contracts with the state whether union, schools, universities,hiring of outside contractors, purchasing of supplies and equipment must be open to the public and media. No closed doors we the taxpayers are having the money taken out of our pockets and we need to insure we are getting our monies worth.

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