Friday, March 6, 2015

Brain dead elected public servants

Our elected public servants now want to hold law biding citizens who are the victim of a crime responsible for what is done with their stolen property. Specifically firearms. However based on that if money is stolen from you and used to buy drugs you are responsible. If your vehicle is stolen because you didn't secure it in a locked garage you are responsible for any accidents or crimes committed with it. Failure to secure your prescription drugs you are responsible for any deaths or crimes because your kid took them. You didn't lock up your knives forks and spoons you are responsible for anything someone does with them. You don't secure your computer someone watches porn and sexually assaults someone you are responsible. Have these elected public servants ever heard the phrase "personal responsibility?" You have committed a crime breaking into a home or business and stealing someones property why should the owner be responsible? What happens to the actual criminal. Oh I know they get accelarated rehab or short or suspended sentence so they can continue voting democratic/socialist early and often.

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