Sunday, January 19, 2014

Out of control government spending

A pension of $276,364.00 per year for a civil servant! Do we need more proof that government spending or mismanagement of taxpayers dollars is completely out of control? One problem I see that contributes to this is our elected/appointed public servants have no accountability. They enter into agreements and contracts behind closed doors with public unions, with state contractors. This needs to stop. All negotiations that spend taxpayers money must be opened to public and the media no exceptions. All binding arbitrations, any action that spends taxpayers money must be open to be viewed by the public. Our public/civil servants treat all tax dollars as “Government” money when it is not. The government has no money of it's own all it is has are tax dollars taken from working people and businesses. Our civil and public servants use euphemisms such as grant, rainy day fund to obscure the fact all monies spent by the government are taxpayers dollars. All elected public servants who continue to treat the taxpayer's paychecks as an unlimited ATM need to be held accountable and be voted out of office and replaced by people who will institute true fiscal responsibility not just mouth the words.

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