Sunday, January 26, 2014

Candidate Qualifications

I believe it is time we start taking a hard look at the qualifications of our elected public servants well prior to election day. One major detrimental qualification would be a job history of only elected governmental service. That would show me this person was never held accountable for anything. They never had to practice fiscal responsibility. Budgets meant nothing just increase taxes. Make a mistake don't worry the PR firm will explain to the public how it wasn't your mistake. Never worry about retirement you don't have to retire and if you lose an election you become a lobbyist for more money. If you make your way to the federal level you get the same pay including raises and health benefits for the rest of your life whether you serve one term or multiple. What reason do these people have to be fiscally responsible? What reason do they have to protect American Taxpayers? They are set for life and there is nothing we their employers can do about it right now. What we can do in the future is vote in people who have spent years in private sector as managers where they learned and practiced fiscal responsibility. People who understand budgets and follow them. People who think as we do that term limits are needed for every elected position. That you should not get a retirement package from an elected position. People who will put the wallets and bank accounts of the American Taxpayer over and above illegals, foreign aid, business bailouts. People who will keep their oath to follow and defend the U.S. Constitution.

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