Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Phil Robertson

Let's get one thing straight, Phil Robertson's First Amendment Right to Free Speech was not violated. No government agency federal or state arrested him, stopped his words from being published or broadcast or forbid him from speaking them.
What happened is he is feeling the consequences of what he said. Does he deserve these consequences? According to today's media or press yes he does. So now the question is does the media accurately represent the views and feelings of the majority of the American public? Or do they represent a minority that is inflated to claim to represent the majority? If they they only represent an inflated minority why do they hold such control? Is it because they are the only game in town? Or is something more subtle? Is it that the American public has been trained/brainwashed over decades of TV watching into thinking that celebrities (TV news talking heads) actually are intelligent and have the best interest of America at heart? I think that the leftist media scares companies by claiming that the company will lose money by backing or promoting people who go against what they want. The way to prove this true is for the company to actually lose money following the media's advice. Will that happen? Are Americans so much like the sheep they are being compared to more and more that because of TV they can no longer think for themselves? It is time to start standing up for America with you pocket book and wallet. Stop watching leftist media, stop watching TV shows and movies that star leftist actors and actress. Stop shopping in stores that support leftist beliefs. Stop buying insurance from leftist owned companies. Start showing the middle of the road businesses that the leftist media is wrong, that we will support with our pocketbooks and wallets those businesses that stand for and support The United States of America it's Constitution and the Rights and Freedoms it guarantees and that we will not support those that are against America. We need a list of all the businesses that stand with and against Freedom and we need to get that to our friends and supporters.

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