Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taxpayer Grants

To paraphrase an old movie 'what we have here is a failure to communicate accurately'. Politicians, do-gooders and control freaks all want to slant things their way. Hence the reason for political correctness because it is just another way to hide or confuse the truth.
For generations Americans have been fooled, deluded and hoodwinked by our elected public servants through the use of their terminologies. One that comes immediately to mind is federal, state or local grant. These are usually used to fund projects that most taxpayers would object to supporting normally as useless wastes of money such as busways to nowhere, studying the way leaves fall from trees things of that nature. Wake up taxpayers there is no such thing as a federally, state or locally funded grant! There is only our tax money used to fund these useless projects under the euphemism of “grant”. I saw the pie chart on where our CT tax dollars are spent and started wondering how much of our tax dollars are spent under the guise of state grants for projects that otherwise wouldn't have been done because of their uselessness?
Connecticut is in the midst of a financial crisis and while financial transparency should be the rule of law for the state right now it is paramount that we the taxpayers know where every dollar they are taking from us is used. It should all be laid out in plain nonpolitical speech so that every taxpayer can understand and then all grants should be put to a popular vote at election time.
It is time that the elected public servants,their appointees and the state workers become completely accountable to the taxpayers of the state.
Also let's start calling the grants their correct name “Taxpayer Grants”.

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