Friday, May 13, 2011

Honest Negotitations

While I feel we have too many laws in Connecticut and for that matter the U.S. as whole I would like to suggest one more.

It is one simple law that I feel would bring us close to true transparency in government and actually lower spending.

The law should read "In any contract entered into by the government of the state of CT with a value of more than $1000.00 with any entity from an individual to a multinational corporation including but not limited to LLCs, public unions, binding arbitration, personal employment contracts, subcontractors for any publicly financed job or project, all negotiations, all documents, all agreements, conversations, anything and everything that that was part of the awarding of the contract, the union benefits, the binding arbitration etc. must be completely 100% open to the taxpayers/citizens of CT. No negotiations maybe done behind closed doors. In fact all union negotiations, binding arbitration and personal employment contracts must be televised the same as what is done with the General Assembly."

We the taxpayers of CT are paying the bills yet as shown by the current and most past administrations our wants and desires are ignored by the very people we elected to protect our wants and desires. I believe this law would help bring true representation of the taxpayer's best interests.

In 1776 Americans fought a war against taxation without representation. It is now time to stand up too "Unjust Taxation with Questionable Representation". This law and paying close attention to the voting habits of your elected representative is what is required of the taxpayers. To see whether or not they actually support what is best and right for the taxpaying citizens of CT, if they do re-elect them. If they just let public unions and other special interest groups bankrupt us individually and as a state vote them out and replace them with people who will do what is best and right for the taxpaying citizens of CT, not the special interest groups.

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