Monday, March 21, 2011

Subsidizing = Socialist



All I've heard from Gov. Malloy is raise taxes. Some murmurs of spending cuts however apparently nothing of substance otherwise there would no talk of tax increases. In addition worse than increases he wants to tax things that were never taxed before.

He wants to bring back tolls. Why? When we purchase a vehicle we pay sales tax, then we pay yearly property taxes, add in another state tax under the guise of vehicle registration, having to pay for a driver license and let's not forget the sales tax state and federal for gas. Why should we now have to pay more to live the American dream?

Here is an idea stop subsidizing bus and rail transport. Why should the taxes of people who drive their own vehicles go up so that people who ride the bus and train don't have to pay the true cost to operate the systems?

I think it's about time the government stops subsidizing programs and not just bus and rail. I'm sure we the taxpayers could come up with a list of subsidized programs that if cut most if not all taxes would not have to be increased and possibly the income tax could be repealed. Having the people who use the service pay for it in full seems to me to be a fair and equitable solution. Having taxpayers who rarely if ever use a system pay for it seems to be what a socialist government would want.


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