Monday, July 11, 2011

End Foreign Aid

These questions are mainly directed at Senator Lieberman since he is leading the charge to change Social Security in a way that hurts the American Taxpayers who have contributed to it all their lives. It still is answerable by all our other elected federal officials.

Senator Lieberman you took an oath as did I when I enlisted and part of that oath read "to support and defend the Constitution". The Constitution referred to is the Constitution of the United States of America not that of some foreign government/country.

With that in mind why is it that the American Taxpayer takes it on the chin in every "debt reduction plan"? Why does foreign aid both military and humanitarian not take the hit? Why should we continue to pay and support the lifestyles of other countries at the expense of American Taxpayers? I say that before Social Security or any other benefit to American Taxpayers such as Medicare is cut or detrimentally changed to the American Taxpayers who have funded it all Foreign Aid must be stopped. All benefits to illegal aliens must be stopped their governments should be billed for any services they receive from American taxpayers. All subsidizes to business must be stopped because that is Socialism.

I also see no change in the benefits our ruling elite receive from an elected position. Which leads to another question why should they receive any retirement benefits from an elected position? This should be ended.

Would any member of our elected ruling elite care to address these questions?

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