Sunday, June 16, 2024

Electric vehicles are to control you


Electric vehicles are about control. They can shutdown the electric grid or the vehicle with the push of a button. Also they can track you, and the distance you can travel is very limited with a long charging time. They want you in these or on buses trains or planes so the can tell you when and where you can travel and monitor you the entire time. Now don’t forget the charging of the EV is done by diesel powered generators so how are you protecting the environment.

If you really wanted to protect the environment wouldn’t you have solar panels on the roof of the vehicle and a alternator designed to recharge the battery powered by the wheels? As you drove the battery charged just like gas powered vehicles. But wait if you were able to do this and not be controlled by the power grid what would be the purpose of an EV? Also don’t forget the lithium in the batteries is toxic and very difficult to safely dispose of. Oh and we are not running out of gas.

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