Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Distacted driving


This is regarding the number of wrong way drivers and rollovers that have been occurring with increasing frequency.
I feel these accidents will not be stopped by special signs on exit ramps or by increased DUI stops because they for the most part in my opinion are not caused by drunk drivers but rather distracted drivers.  Especially when you look at the times of the accidents, normally they are not after the bars have closed.
I also have noticed that the police will tell us when the driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs, so it is interesting that rarely if ever I can't remember ever reading a reason other than DUI do the police provide that reason for the wrong way drivers and rollovers.  So what is the reason?  I have a retirement job that allows me watch people driving down the road and pulling into a parking lot and the percentage of people I see holding a cell phone to their ear or staring down towards their lap is about 35%, that does not include those on a phone call using a hands free device so you know they are not paying full attention to their driving.  Last is paying attention to the "TV" screen on the dashboard of new vehicles that has replaced the radio.
My question that I feel would be an interesting investigation is why we are not told when it is cell phone use/distracted driving that caused the accident.  With all the apps and features on the phones I'm sure that the police could check the time of the accident against the last time the cell phone was in use.  If they do, why don't they tell us?  If they don't, why not?  My thought on why they don't either check or if they do why they don't tell us is because it could possibly leave the cell phone providers liable for the accident the same as bars and liquor stores are held liable for DUIs.  If I am correct in this assumption, who told the police not to look into the cell phone use as the cause of the accident and why did they tell them.  Is money changing hands?  In this day and age with what goes on in politics causing the stock prices of cell phone providers to fall because of this liability could provide a reason to keep it quiet.
Or which I find hard to believe the police never thought of checking the last time the cell phone was used compared to the time of the accident.

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