Sunday, December 22, 2019

Take back America

I think it's time for American citizens to take back the control of their government to insure the American Dream will be there for their children, grandchildren and longer. The most important thing is voting which should only be for legal American Citizens we need to watch for voter fraud.. The second is to control taxation and to do that you have to control the spending of our tax dollars.
Here is my idea for controlling taxation. Our elected public servants now have the power to raise taxes, increase spending with no control at all. It is all under them and this needs to change. What we need to do is have the public servants present to us their budget/spending plan all laid out with what the increase in taxes, permit fees, tolls and so on would be. Once this is done it is up for discussions by the citizens the employer of the government, than on election day or a separate voting day the citizens vote to approve the budgets for the different departments. The public servants would now have to justify the spending and actually negotiate with contractors, unions and the rest rather than just agreeing to it because “we'll just raise taxes”. If the budgets are voted down it is the will of the People and it will be up to the public servants to amend and re-negotiate them to represent them to the people. This would apply to federal, state and municipalities.

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