Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What do you think?

Can you follow this?
According to one theory, time is infinite no beginning no end. Does this mean that what we consider the past, present and future are all existing or happening at the same time so to speak? On different planes or dimensions? This would mean that would mean that our infant self is existing at the same time time as our 16 year old, our 60 year old. Each second of our life would live infinitely. Then when life as we know it it ends, our physical death as we call it what happens to our life force, spirit? Does it just now exist as nothingness forever or infinity? Is it recycled as a new life, reincarnation? If there is reincarnation and in following with the earlier idea that past, present and future are all existing at once does this mean that reincarnation can be, past or future? I rule out coming back in what would be considered our “present” time since the universe does seem to have rules, and one is no two things can occupy the same space at the same time, so I don't believe our life force can be in multiple beings in the “present”. Therefore that leaves the past or the future. Perhaps in the course of many lives over infinity we have gone back and forth from the future to the past and the past to the future. This may be one reason when we meet certain people we feel like we know them and perhaps we knew them in a past or future life. The reason I say we may have reincarnated from the future to the past is think about some of the amazing things that happened in our prehistoric days. Who developed cooking over fire and why? Leonardo da Vinci invented things and designed things in the 1500's that couldn't be used or built until the technology required was developed. I've seen where people have said perhaps he was a time traveler from the future who got stuck there. Perhaps the universe had him reincarnated at that time from the future to guide where technology was to go to help humankind. The same way someone was sent back to teach us how to cook, and to build and to heal. Perhaps this is how we are guided by the universe. Since time is infinite and we (our life force) not necessarily as humans keep building and destroying civilizations and worlds as we search to become one with the universe. Which may never happen.

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