Thursday, March 3, 2016

Hot Air

It is no wonder the USA is no longer the leader in manufacturing, all we seem to produce now is Hot Air.
I was in a friends car the other day and he had Sirius radio, he was changing the channel and I could not believe the number of talking heads telling people how to think, how to vote and my favorite telling them what someone actually meant when they said something.
Has America been dumbed down that much that we need to have someone tell us what someone means when they say “Have a nice day”? Or are we that lazy we can't think for ourselves?
In the past we had tech schools, people were proud to work with their hands and actually make something, now being able to push app buttons on phones and getting a college degree that barely qualifies you as a Walmart greeter is the big thing.
It is amazing the money wasted on talking heads. They produce nothing. If America is to become great again we need to bring back hands on manufacturing jobs. We need people who can actually work. Pretty soon and I think it is already happening people who can repair things are making more money than the “educated” paper pushing college graduates. College at this point is nothing more then a corporate business designed to put people in debt for life. English Lit or Woman's studies have very few if any jobs outside of academia, and it doesn't help you when your sink is leaking or you need a light bulb changed. All that happens with most degrees is $50,000 in debt working a $25,000 dollar a year job and never getting ahead.
Young people need to take a good hard look at what is going to be their future. We need to stop putting down those who enjoy working with their hands and making and creating things and encourage them. They are the future of America and civilization those people who actually do things and produce.

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