Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welfare is slavery

I wonder if the socialist bleeding heart do-gooders, ever think through the consequences of their actions and words? There is an article in August 11th's Republican American that reports that despite the high unemployment rate and the fact the the city is offering training and the pay rates start at $15 to $17 per hour construction jobs are going unfilled. Why? Common sense and logic tell me it is the fault of the socialist bleeding heart do-gooders because they have made welfare more attractive then working. Yes that's right. You see they believe everyone should have the same standard of living whether they work for it or not and have elected socialists to pass laws ensuring this. Why go out and raise a sweat and actually do something that produces something good, something that raises your self esteem, something that shows others you have pride and skill when you can sit home in a taxpayer paid for apartment eating taxpayer paid for food and still having money left for booze, cigarettes, drugs, tattoos, cars and sex? If you are on welfare not do to a real physical or mental disorder/disability and laziness is not a disorder or disability you should be living in a dorm eating cafeteria style meals and wearing hand me down clothes and you should have no taxpayer supplied spending money. This is what is called motivation. You want something better for you and your family you work for it. Instead of electing socialists (democrats) you elect people who bring jobs and training back to the U.S. People who want you to work to have pride and self esteem. Stop letting the socialists (democrats) tell you that you are useless, that you will never be worth anything that you can't support yourself or your family and that they the socialists (democrats) have to take care of you. That is just what the slave owners did to the slaves but because of PC we now call them democrats (socialist) slave owners who keep their elected position by buying votes with taxpayers money through welfare. Wake up take pride in yourself and tell the socialists you want a job, pride and self esteem not their form of slavery to welfare.

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