Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emotion vs. Logic

Time to retire the political labels of conservative and liberal and exchange them for the terms Logical and Emotional.
The discussion of raising the minimum wage shows how different the 2 points of view are.  

Emotion says it is the correct thing to do, increase the minimum wage with no facts to show that it will be a benefit.   It is nothing but a feel good law and will not solve anything just cause more problems.

Logic says if the minimum wage is increased all goods and services will see an increase in prices to cover the corporation’s additional cost not only of the raise but the increase in federal and state taxes.  Because of this fact when the raise goes into effect it will do nothing to help the plight of the minimum wage workers, everything they buy will have increased in price thus negating the raise.  Companies that employ mainly minimum wage employees may have to cut some positions in order to remain solvent thereby putting more people on unemployment or welfare. Others hurt by this will be the ones who make more than minimum wage because their pay will not go up but their costs for groceries and day to day items will increase thereby lowering their standard of living.

Emotionally and with little logic it is a feel good idea that actually ends up hurting not only those it was intended to help but many others who are barely scraping by in this day and age.

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