Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fargo & New Orleans

When I was in the AF I was stationed for awhile in Minot ND and it was during flood season I remember volunteering to fill sand bags it was quite an effort to keep that city safe.
My question for this post is how much more misery and pain are the feds going to put the citizens there through to help them rebuild? Is it going to be just like New Orleans or worse?
The real sad or sick part is these people are going to have to spend months proving everything and filling out forms to maybe get a LOAN. However if they were some back water 3rd world country our politicians would give them the money for free. The government has probably given AIG enough money without strings attached to rebuild all of ND. Yet taxpaying citizens can forget any help from your government your just there to be taxed. It's so sad how the US government treats it's own people.

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