Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Stars and Stripes

American Flag


The American flag I've been flying for the past few years has become faded, time to replace it. Imagine my surprise when the only replacement I could find in several stores was made in China.

When the symbol of the greatest country history has every known is not manufactured in that country I consider it a major disgrace.

Our federal government passes thousands of laws annually, you would have thought that one of our federal legislators would have tried to pass a law that stated "All American Flags or Flags of any State or any governmental agencies, military branches including patches, badges, medals or anything representing any governmental agency be it federal state or local must be made in the United States of America using only American made materials". In the grand scheme of global economics this does not amount to even a drop in a drop in the bucket. In the matter of national pride it is priceless.

In this day and age of multi nationals, trade agreements and the giving away of America I believe it is time to bring back manufacturing jobs to the USA and what a better way to start then with the symbol of freedom that millions have died to defend.

What about it legislators are you Americans on America's side and can you pass one law without partisan politics or multinational lobbyists controlling your vote? Can you and will you bring a small measure of pride back to American Manufacturing.

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