Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's Oprah?

I've heard the name and seen pictures, I've never watched the show. Then again I've never seen a 'reality show' or "American Idol" or anything of that genre unless I was changing channels and it flicked on for a second. I guess some people would say I must live under a rock. I say I have a life and a brain and I don't need someone telling me how I should think, who I should like, what I should eat or drink or any of that. Yes I do watch TV, I watch for entertainment, not to be brainwashed on how to think like a drone by people who somehow appointed themselves smarter, and in charge of how people should live their lives. I can think and I do. There are over 300 million people in this country and we are only told what a comparative handful of media types want us to know. So instead of watching and listening to these people I go out and meet and talk with real people, at flea markets, car and bike shows, diners, parks, animal shelters, places where people who really live are and it is so different from what these Oprah's want us to think. At least in my view. Writing and reading gives an interesting view of people. I try to guess who are the ones who watch the Oprahs and mimic them and who are individual and creative in their thinking.

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