Saturday, September 13, 2008

Children $75 –Adults $2

Children $75 - Adults $2 that's what the prices should be for getting into fairs, car and bike shows, anything that interests adults. I'm trying to figure out when and how some evil children were able to brainwash some adults into thinking their job was to take care of kids rather than the other way around as it had been since the beginning of time. The movement must have started small then became a cult that took over everything. I think it's time to put things back the way they were, when all was right with the universe and children served adults.

Look at history. The first people didn't have any past experience to learn from, we've learned from them. So here they are wandering around bumping into each other and they find "wow this feels good" next thing you know here's this little kid. It looked like them but a smaller version how did this happen. It probably took a little while to figure it out but they did. The question was what to do with it. So back then there was no welfare or anything like that if you wanted to survive you pulled your weight. With that in mind they put these smaller versions of themselves to work, gathering when they were small like 2-5years, hunting after that and if they couldn't do either they could always be the bait. This worked fine for tens of thousands of year's right up until the last century. Up until then people had kids to work the farm, help in the shop or around the ranch to do things that made it worth keeping them and making more. All of a sudden this cult springs up and kids are spoiled, they are waited on hand and foot, no more being hunters or bait. This is terrible. Why should adults have to work until they are too old to do anything? They shouldn't. Society was set up and should be again to where children start working at about 5 (don't worry they don't have to drive we have mass transport) until they are old enough to have enough of their own kids who would be working and taking care of them. I figure adults should be able to retire and enjoy life from about 35-40. I can see some people have figured this out and are trying bring about a return to the old ways. You know the ones I'm talking about, the parents of celebrity children, be they in acting, sports, music what have you. They gone back to the old ways and in many cases have been successful enough to enjoy life while they can. We need to keep this movement going.

Remember "Youth is wasted on the Young". Get those kids out there in the farms and factories where they belong and enjoy your life you deserve it.

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