Saturday, September 27, 2008

American taxpayer again. Why?

American taxpayer again. Why?

Why is the American taxpayer the only one expected to pick up the pieces of the destruction of the monument to unbridled greed?

Are these companies or whatever they choose to call themselves wholly owned and operated in the United States by US taxpaying citizens? Probably not. Are they incorporated in other countries for tax purposes? Probably. Do they have foreign subsidiaries? Probably. Are they foreign subsidiaries or assets of corporations that are not based in the US? Probably. Will their collapse adversely affect the economy of every country in the world? Absolutely.

With those questions and answers in mind why is it the American Taxpayer again who is expected to sacrifice to save the world?

If the other countries don't wish to help us out in this time of crisis that is their choice. Where the money comes from in the American budget is our choice.

My strong suggestion is get the money from foreign aid. Immediately stop all foreign aid, be it to Israel, Brazil, Taiwan, Iraq, it doesn't matter what country or what amount or what it will do to the economy of that country end it immediately. What the cost of foreign aid and this bail out is doing and will continue to do to Americans is what I'm concerned with and what our government should be concerned with also.

All we hear from our elected officials is "it's a global economy". Well where is the rest of the global economy when it comes to helping with this.

I strongly urge everyone to contact our elected officials and demand they take care of America and American Taxpayers before another penny goes to foreign aid. Actually write letters and make phone calls. Show them Americans still care about America.

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