Monday, September 1, 2008

Barefoot & Pregnant

Barefoot & Pregnant

August 18 was the 88th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Aug 18 1920, this was after men had the war to end all wars apparently the women didn't agree ( you know how they always have to have their way) WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, 2 gulf wars and all kinds of police actions followed.

The breakdown down of the nuclear family unit something else that probably wasn't envisioned. Mom can now vote, so she can work as well so who's home raising the offspring? No one which was fine because it opened a whole new industry "Child Day Care". So instead of taking care of their own kids they want to work and what job do they take on? Watching other women's kids. Interesting thinking. In addition you now need 2 or more cars per family which has caused global warming (where was Al Gore when this was starting). With all these women now entering the work place families now have more income. Everyone needs to keep up with the Jones. Instead of the old "my dad can beat up your dad' now it's"my parents can out spend your parents" Loading the dishwasher no longer meant getting your wife drunk. It means so she has time to go to work you need to buy a dishwasher (more energy waste again global warming) and load it.

I guess we have to learn a lesson, no matter how good an idea looks on paper it takes almost 100 years to see if it was a good idea to start with.

Maybe when women got the vote since they outnumbered (and still do) men they should have voted us out of the vote and the work place and kept us home raising the kids. But what type of professional sports would America have if men were the homemakers? Ironing competition, full contact buying at sales (oh women already have that one). Let your imagination run riot.

Anyway to you Suffragettes out there congratulations on keeping the world as screwed up as it was before you got the vote.

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Susan said...

Sometimes women have to work because their husband and father to their children was off somewhere getting popped and spending the paycheck in a bar somewhere. Some Moms would just love to be at home if they could stay home and still feed their children. I remember driving to drop a child off at daycare and crying all the way to work. That child now has a master's degree and works with children in need.