Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new America

Sarah Palin, intelligent, well spoken, Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard, took on the oil companies and won windfall taxes, has Russia as a border neighbor and Canada so she understands international politics. Has children and her children have children (let's see how forgiving the christians are on this. Remember let the one without sin cast the first stone or something like that) A real American one who has had to worry about feeding the family worked real jobs as has her husband. These are real Americans, not political images that are usually run by both parties ( and are definitely being run in the #1 job by the Rep. and both jobs by the Dem's). I'm sure she never expected this nor did her family. I like the idea of having someone that I could have had a cup of coffee with or enjoyed an unscripted conversation with, down to earth and not scripted or fake being in a high or highest position in government. Sounds like a real win for the USA. And what experience is really required. Congress makes the laws, State dept handles what passes as diplomacy or foreign policy, all a President or Vice President has to do is follow scripts at affairs. Have enough intelligence to realize they don't know everything and to have experts advise them. It is a great day for America that a REAL AMERICAN is running for this position since I believe the first few elections. After which a political class of supreme and arrogant egotists arose and were crowned the royalty of America by the media (which was and still is controlled by them). This is a big as the French Revolution REAL Americans taking back their country.

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