Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama shows his true self.

Calling a woman a pig. How disrespectful can you get. I notice when he was trying to win the nomination from Hillary he was polite and respectful. Now with the nomination sewed up I guess his true personality is showing. The democrats are in a hard spot how can they support a candidate who is so disrespectful to women when half of them were supporting a woman for president. I bet a lot of them wished this came out before the convention, I'll also bet alot of them are wondering if they can recall him and put Hillary in her rightful place. If I was a woman I couldn't vote for a man who was that disrespectful. As a man I wouldn't vote for any man who would be that disrespectful of a woman, it could be my mother, my wife, my sisters or just female friends. If he is this disrespectful while he's running for office and in public how is his behavior in private and how would it be with the power of the Presidency behind him? Scary!!!! Bill may have had sex outside of marriage and as President however I don't ever remember him disrespecting women. If he has any morality or decency he would step down right now from the campaign as well as his seat in the Senate.

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