Sunday, March 30, 2008

Melting Pot

America had for many years been called “The Melting Pot”. This because America was and still is a land of immigrants. That is what made it the greatest country history has ever known, in inventions, science, government, and freedom to name a few examples. This growth seems to have died. Both the American born citizens and the immigrants legal and illegal have forgotten the magic that made this country what it was. That magic is there in its’ nickname “The Melting Pot”. Immigrants came to this country because of the promise of a better life, in prosperity, religious freedom, to open businesses to own land and many other wonderful reasons. Immigrants of this time come here for the same reasons the ones in the past did however they seem to have forgotten one thing that the immigrants of the past remembered. That is they left their countries because their countries, for whatever reasons could not or would not give them the freedom or chances to live the type of life they wanted so they came to America.

In order to embrace this new life with the opportunities it offered they could no longer cling to traditions, values, languages, and ways of life of their homelands. They didn’t need to forgo them all but they had to adapt, to grow to become part of this new country melt into it.

At the same time the native born citizens or the older naturalized citizens looked to these new immigrants for new idea’s, new ways to do things ways to melt parts of the new culture into the culture that is America.

That’s the magic that is forgotten.

To the new immigrants, remember you left your homeland for chances and freedoms it’s government, culture or traditions didn’t give you. You came to a new land for these chances and freedoms so melt into this country. Show us the best your homelands have to offer, and we with you as part of us will do what the magic of the melting pot has done incorporate them into “American Culture” as we have done through out our history.

To the native born Americans remember your ancestors were immigrants, they went through what these people are going through now. Show them the best of American culture. The patience, the wisdom the way we as Americans adapt and melt the best of the new with the best of what we have and make something even better.


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