Sunday, March 16, 2008

Commander and Chief Oath

When I enlisted in the US Air Force I swore an oath to defend the United States of America from all enemies foreign and domestic. I would think the oath our commander and chief swore when he assumed the office of president would have been the same if not stronger. The same for our congressmen and women, senators, governors and all of our elected officials both federal and state.

It appears I was wrong. By virtue of their ignoring the raping of the American economy by the oil companies, the giving away of American jobs by lowering our health and safety standard to allow importation of substandard less expensive articles to be sold in mega stores which have all but guaranteed the death of the American dream by destroying or buying out all competition. By allowing other nations to import their goods into America for little or no duty knowing full well that they have lower costs and are in many cases subsidized by the government of that country and yet that country (China in this case) will purchase one (1) machine from the US copy it and then refuse to allow any further importation of that machine to protect it’s countries workers. One solution to this is subject all imports into the US to the same duty and restrictions that country places on US goods being imported into it.

Oil companies should be nationalized or failing that the majority of all gas and oil sold in the US must come from US sources at a subsidized rate. In addition all major oil companies operating in the mid east should be billed for the cost of our keeping a military presence there to protect their fortunes. This should lower American’s taxes. Why should we pay double for our gas and oil?

Immigrants legal or illegal should understand the way my grandparents did when they immigrated. They are leaving their homeland because it does not give them the freedom, safety, growth potential they are looking for. To move to another country to get those things they must embrace the new way of life. If they continue to try to make America into their old homeland they may soon find the same restrictions in place that caused them to emigrate in the first place. America was called the melting pot because we blended the best of all cultures and got rid of the worst.

It appears to me beyond a reasonable doubt that our present elected officials have sworn oaths of allegiance not to the United States of America but rather to multinational corporations who’s only God is greed.

The solution I see is in this coming election vote out all incumbents, take back our country and states governments. Put these politicians on notice that if they put multinational corporations and other countries ahead of the US they will be voted out. This is good practice for the 2008 presidential elections.

The last piece of evidence that makes this an air tight case that from the president on down our elected officials do not care about Americans and that is the fact they will spend billions of dollars and tens of thousands American lives in Iraq but they will not provide healthcare for American children. Bush vetoed it and congress didn’t care enough for American children to override it. Remember these are the same children who will be paying taxes in the future. But more important then that if you keep giving away our jobs who is going to pay your salaries now?

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