Monday, March 17, 2008

Cut Foreign Aid & Subsidize Gas and Oil Prices

The U.S. seems to be heading for a bad economic time call it a recession or a depression we are on that downward slope. The interesting thing about this is that our politicians don’t want to do anything to help the American taxpayer but still allow big oil, other countries and other large multinational corporations to hurt America with price gouging, unfair trade practices and so on. Please don’t tell me we are not being price gouged by the oil companies, I don’t care what the price of a barrel is if your prices at the pump are so high you are making record profits in the 10’s of billions of dollars per quarter you are just gouging us.

I’m not an economic expert, however I don’t see how a small amount of tax rebate from our government is going to jump start our economy when the amount they are talking about is less then the extra (price gouged) cost it took me to heat my house this winter, add to that I’m paying an extra $150 to $200 dollars a month just to go to work. Based on that where is my disposable income to jump start the economy?

I have an idea, let’s stop all foreign aid. To Israel to Taiwan, to Brazil to Kenya to every country that we give foreign aid to. Foreign aid was a nice helpful thing to do when America could afford it now we can’t. We have Americans going with out medication or food and clothing because of this price gouging and our high taxes to help other countries. Charity begins at home.

Cut all foreign aid then subsidize gas and oil so that the American taxpayer is paying about $1.50 a gallon for gas and $1.00 a gallon for fuel oil.

China won’t let us import to them anything they make in China to protect Chinese jobs, but our government charges them little to no duty on their products because they have Most Favored Nation Status. It’s our government who’s job it is to protect Americans just giving away our jobs.

Stop allowing other countries to export to the U.S. sub standard cheap products that they pay no duty on. If they want to export to the U.S. their duty rate should be what they charge on American goods going into their country. This would help jump start American manufacturing jobs again.

But we need to get our elected officials to stop worrying about other countries but to put the United States of America first they should remember who elected them and the oath they swore when they took office to protect America.


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