Sunday, March 30, 2008

Illegal Immigrants

Invoice their Home Countries

Illegal immigration is not about to stop or be stopped any time in the future; it’s been part of America’s history and will continue to be so.

By the time we add up the cost to the taxpayers for the benefits those illegally here receive in schools, health care, welfare and many other services plus the cost of attempting to keep them out every taxpayer in the US could probably receive a 10% income tax reduction if we put an end to it.

Prisoners break out of prisons that are designed to hold them, America is a free country with thousands of miles of borders that cannot be patrolled as securely as minimum security prison, or even a road gang so are we suppose to keep people out?

Pretty simple, but a diplomatic nightmare. First our government comes up with a dollar figure that is an average of what each illegal cost the US taxpayer, and that can and should include lost wages to American citizens who cannot get a job, how many were involved in car accidents where they had no insurance where American citizens may have lost their homes or savings and had to pay these bills out of pocket, and how much it cost to those who have broken our laws including the cost of the trial and all legal bills including public defenders. Add into this total how much it is costing us in our courts, and in the extra police protection for the demonstrations to protect the illegal immigrants anything else that costs American taxpayers should be added in to the total.

Now comes the diplomatic nightmare. Our government estimates how many illegal immigrants come from what country round the figure up to the nearest half million multiply this by the dollar figure each illegal immigrant cost the US taxpayer and deduct that amount from any foreign aid given to that country. If we don’t give foreign aid to that country deduct it from our dues at the UN and let that august body collect it.

Some of these countries may tighten up their borders if this starts costing them to much, or maybe they won’t care but at least the taxes of the US citizens won’t keep going up to cover these losses.


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