Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where the money goes

According to an article in a paper recently we pay our elected representatives in Hartford approximately $38000 per year. That does not appear to be an exorbitant amount but is probably more then they’re worth since they need to hire advisors at approximately 3 times that salary to do the their job. The paper reported the new Speaker of the House (at $38000) hired as his advisor the former Speaker of the House for $120000 per year. If the speaker was not up to the position why did he not say so and relinquish it to someone who could handle it. The article stated that this is not the only advisor hired by our representatives. Somehow I don’t think this cost is coming out of their pockets.
In this economic climate this is almost criminal. This time last year the Governor was announcing a $600 million plus surplus, now a billion dollar deficit. Nice job she’s done of running the state.
I couldn’t understand where the money from the income tax went, along with the sales tax, let’s not forget the lotto, and how about the $500 million per month or better from the casinos, car registrations, all those license fees and permits. Now I know, to hire advisers. That’s probably just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. At least the gentlemen mentioned early are not related to each other, but how many other “advisors” or “consultants” are nothing more than nepotism?
This governor and legislature owes the hardworking, over taxed taxpayers a clear and transparent accounting of where all the income received by the state is spent before they should even mention increasing any taxes or fees. If the legislators can’t do the job replace them don’t hire advisors on state pay.

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