Friday, January 16, 2009

Kinda curious

Is there anything anyone can say that doesn't offend someone else?If you don't let me say what I want or feel I need to say you are hurting me, offending me and insulting me. Yet if I say it I'm hurting someone. Who's feelings are more important? Why does it appear the person being spoken to has feelings more important then the person stating their thoughts or feelings? I'm talking about the politically correct police out there. You said her dress made her look fat I'm going to sue you and they win. Let's look at nationality, racial and ethnic comments and slurs. Why are these outlawed? Isn't it better to know how people truly feel about you even if it stings a bit then get stabbed in the back from anonymous sources? I was insulted many times due to my nationality growing up and still at times now. Oh well sticks and stones and all that stuff. My view is that the PC stuff was started by closet racists who wanted cover for their racism. All they've done is come up with different ways to keep people they don't like out with out using race.

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