Sunday, August 10, 2014

Elected officials are employees!

To the President, the Congress the governors and the state legislatures along with the EPA, DHS, DEEP, DOD, and all the other federal and state agencies that make laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and so on. Here is a piece of information you seemed to have forgotten, never understood or just feel you can totally ignore and that is, the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land. That said, you are not rulers, kings, despots, feudal lords, you are the employees of the American Citizen. Your job is not to tell us what you think we should do to protect your interests or those of multinational companies or even foreign countries. No your job is to do what we the American Citizens instruct you to do.
Your duties and limits are clearly set in the U.S. Constitution and it is time you abide by them. You at this time have taken the freest, greatest most innovative, technologically advanced country in the world and have all but destroyed it, by taking away rights guaranteed by the Constitution, by forcing out companies through taxes and useless regulations, by putting foreign government wants and desires above those of Americans by granting them Most Favored Nation status where they can import substandard goods and foods at prices below what the quality goods and foods cost when made and grown properly in America. You have all but destroyed the greatest education system the world has ever known by dumbing down requirements and attempting to institute socialist teaching under the Common Core. This needs to be reversed. There is an election in several months and if what I see on the internet not the government run media the majority of the voters are outraged at what elected employees have done to the greatest country in history and there will be a house cleaning by the voters. Americans will once again live in the greatest Free country in the world.

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