Saturday, July 26, 2014

Open letter to Howard Stern

Dear Mr. Howard Stern,
I've seen your comment “if you are anti-Israel you are anti- American” and I have some comments and questions.
America was the leading force in the defeat of Hitler and the ending of the Holocaust .
America was instrumental in the establishment of Israel and up until this current regime a staunch ally and supporter of Israel.
America was able to do these things and many more in the way of helping other people and nations because of the Freedom Americans had guaranteed to us under the United States Constitution. The US Constitution is now under attack by Barrack Obama and the Socialists and Communists that call themselves Democrats and progressives.
You yourself sir owe your livelihood to the Freedom of Speech guaranteed under the US Constitution.
My main question sir, is why have I not seen you or any other American Jewish celebrity, politician, business man anyone who has a following and could stand up for America and the US Constitution against Obama and the progressive liberals doing so and standing up for America and Freedom? I have not seen anyone mentioned above standing up and saying gun control is wrong either. This in itself is perplexing in that I believe in Israel almost everyone is armed to prevent another Holocaust yet American Jews appear to have no problem with being disarmed by a government just as their ancestors were disarmed by Hitler.
Sir you ask that we Americans support the Jewish State of Israel. We have. Right now however for Americans to support Israel we need the American Jewish population to also stand up and defend the US Constitution and the rights and freedoms guaranteed within. For if the US Constitution falls America will fall and if America falls how far behind will be Israel.
So I would say to you sir “ If you are against the US Constitution and support gun control you are against America and Israel.”.

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