Sunday, March 22, 2009

Totally fed-up

I can't remember ever seeing such widespread disgust and anger with the government, it crosses all lines, age, sex, political party it seems everyone is fed-up.
Don't compare this to the protests in the Nam era they were just against the war.
The feeling right now is we the people have been betrayed by our own. Politicians have committed treason against the US by giving away our jobs, by ceding control of our lives to multinational corporations who don't care about US citizens. They have created a ruling class of bankers and money movers who have no skills other then to take what others have made, built, or saved and give a false value high or low depending on what they require to keep the populace under their control. These people do nothing. The true workers of America the factory owner, the assembly line worker, the mom and pop store owner, construction workers and many more of the same have been insulted, under valued, robbed of their heritage, their birth right their very lives by people who look down on honest work and use them only for their own gain.
What good are bankers and stock brokers if America produces nothing? This stimulus package would have been better served if instead of giving it to the banks and investors it was given to manufacturing firms directly to keep them producing, to store to keep them selling and allow them to pay payback the banks themselves, and by keeping people employed it would have kept the economy moving. No our politicians gave it to their friends who then gave it to their friends in other countries. So our politicians have indentured America's future generations to provide the wealthy across the world their comforts.
Totally disgusting if 1 incumbent retains their seat after the mid-term elections it will be an insult to America and to the millions of Americans who have died to protect her.:

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