Saturday, May 3, 2014

Say no to tolls!!!

Once again the insatiable bottomless pit of the government is looking to increase revenues without decreasing spending. They want to again put tolls on interstates and who is to say they will stop at those roads? Why should Americans have to pay the government to travel? I thought the gas taxes, motor vehicle fees, and the normal sales and income taxes were set up to pay for needed services? Maintaining roads is definitely a necessary service. Please don't tell me the owners and drivers of personal vehicles need to pay their fair share of maintaining the roads because we already do with the above mentioned taxes and fees.
Let us get mass transit to pay for itself. Stop the taxpayers subsidizes and have the users pay for it. It is not equitable to tax owners of private vehicles who don't use mass transit to support it and then to tax them again to drive on the same roads mass transit drives on which they have already paid taxes on to maintain.
The government needs to stop raising taxes, to stop with the freebies. A person who does not work is not entitled to or deserve they housing, clothing, food or lifestyle of those that work for what they have. A person using mass transit should have to pay what it costs to operate the system. What the socialist Malloy and his followers paid and are paying for a busway to nowhere would go a long way to maintaining our roads.

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