Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care

I agree we need to do something about health care and it should be done quickly. But not stupidly which is the norm for the federal government. They have someone write a law or a program and than vote on it without people reading it, that's stupid and moronic. Which either tells us the caliber of our elected officials or the fact they just don't care about us.

If Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Dodd, all of the elected public officials come out and put in writing that they, their staffs and every member of the federal government will be covered by what every health care plan they put together and that they can not augment it in any way shape or form by paying out of their own pockets for more coverage I'll back it. If they don't I'll fight it and encourage everyone I know to fight it. If the plan they are putting together is good enough for 1 American it is good enough for all and that definitely includes the elected officials of this country.

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John White said...

I respectfully disagree with you, Jimmy. The issue isn't whether the federal government should deliver this or that healthcare system. The issue is whether it should deliver healthcare at all. The answer, for those who support the Constitution, is: No. Federal healthcare is unconstitutional. Your health care should be left up to you, your doctor and your wallet and/or your insurance company. Federal ANYTHING is just about the most expensive, least effective and most wasteful, mismanaged program possible, not to mention the most open to the greatest amount of corruption. Scale the federal government back to its consitutional limits, and you'll see America get well and healthy in record time.