Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gov Rell is a joke

I just read a Quinipiac University poll that gave Rell a 75% approval rating. Did they do this poll in a mental institution? Did they interview comatose patients and fill in the answers? I know welfare crack addicts say you like her and you get your check? Or maybe the students themselves who've never had an original thought in their own heads and just do what their told kinda like Stepford Wives or zombies?
I can't believe anyone regardless of political party who has a brain and does think would consider Rell anything more then a joke and a disgrace to the state. I can't wait for her and Moody to take over Rowland's jail cell. You can't tell me she didn't know what was going on. She and Moody are probably as crooked as he was just luckier in not getting caught yet. They got Perez just a matter of time for them. Oh yeah Rowland might have been corrupt at least he wasn't stupid and incompetent.

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