Thursday, October 16, 2008

No work, no vote

I guess I'm jumping on the band wagon of the self serving empowered lifestyle that seems to be the rage in NY and LA, where because you want it you should get it and to keep you from getting it would be rude, uncivil and some may even try to claim illegal or worse.

Well here's what I want; an end to taxation without adequate representation. Yes exactly what it says, not the battle cry of the 1776 which was "no taxation without representation" I want to add the word "adequate". I'm tired of my taxes going up to pay for welfare, for special privileges in prisons, in criminal hospitals for the insane and so on and so on in that genre of people living on the backs of hard working taxpaying citizens.

Why does this happen? Simply because we have politicians who play to the lazy and the criminal and say vote for me and I'll raise your welfare, I'll make sure you have better medical care in prison then working taxpayers can afford. These people vote them in. Your taxes and mine go up and we have no say in it. It's time we take back our country. It's quite simple, you don't work, you don't vote. Why should people who don't pay taxes have a say in where they are spent, and how high they need to be raised to keep the lazy or criminal comfortable.

You need to work a minimum of 2 years fulltime before you can vote, if you lose your job you have 6 months to find a new one, if you've retired from a life of work you continue to vote. If you become disabled and can't work anymore but had been working you keep voting. If you're a family living on 1 income both can vote. It's just the ones who won't work or can't because of crimes who aren't allowed to vote. However should they decide to go to work or when they get out of prison they go to work after 2 years they get to vote.

Honest hardworking taxpaying citizens are who made this country great and they are the ones who should reap the rewards of their labors not the lazy and criminal.

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