Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why does the USA protect Israel not Ireland?

I'm just asking why does the US protect Israel? Why don't we help the Irish Catholics achieve their freedom instead?
Israel has no oil, no natural resources nothing that could benefit the USA. Ireland has good beer.
The US and England forced the UN to throw the Palestinians off their land just after world war 2, since then the US has spent billions in foreign aid to Israel along with probably trillions in our military budget keeping a military presence in the mid east to attempt to keep the peace.
The Irish are living on their own land they just want their own rule. We're suppose to be friends with England so it wouldn't cost us anything in military dollars. We could use diplomacy and Condi Rice might actually accomplish something.
Because of our defense of Israel our twin towers were blown up along with other terrorist acts, and we live now with a homeland security and the loss of American Rights and Freedoms.
If we help the Irish Catholics the pope may even bless us, the Kennedy's will be very happy and as a gift to the US may get out of public office. Up the Irish

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